Saturday, February 12, 2011

US - Nov 10, 2009 - Amber Rayne, Rain DeGrey bdsm damsel

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This is Amber's support match-up of the season, and she looks great. She has cat-like speed shemale bdsm, and badger-like intensity. No matter how big you are, Amber is continually one to fear.

Welcome Rain DeGrey to US. There is single in kind thing I have bdsm dateing noticed over the years, and that is that canaille who are professional Dommes bdsm datelink bring a special toughness and attitude to the interweave. That attitude could be described partially as determination.

Rain learned the unfeeling way (like every one does) that bigger doesn't mean shit without interrupti bdsm dating gay man site~ the mat. Amber made Rain cum on the mat during wrestling! The Ultimate Surrender! After humiliating Rain by making her cum up~ the body the mat, Amber went on to fuck DeGrey in the donkey - the first time any one has fucked her ass on camera in front of!
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bdsm damian